Music, Meditation, and Movement


When it comes to integration, every part of us matters. Heart, Soul, Mind, and Strength. Design your macrodosing ritual with our latest playlist, meditation, and somatic practice .

Just as each mushroom holds nature’s wisdom, guided ritual and meditation weaves together empowerment, self-care, and connection, embracing the essence of a mindful journey.

The Meditation Playlist

Let the rhythms and melodies from our Sugar
Magnolia muses guide your senses, setting the
perfect mood for your mushroom experience.

Meditation On Spotify

Dive deep within through guided meditations, led by meditation expert. Let go and immerse yourself in a mindful moment

Get in the zone with us

Stretch, flow, and harmonize your body with our bespoke yoga sessions, tailored to harmonize with our mushroom products by the one and only
Aimee Lynn.

Blog posts to support your ritual

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